Welcome. This is the Baltic Salmon Fund. In short.

The Baltic Salmon Fund is located in Sweden and our vision is to promote sustainable management of wild salmon and sea run brown trout stocks in the Baltic Sea and the rivers along the Baltic coast. Our main strategy is to raise economic resources in order to co-fund initiatives that empower the unique and wild Baltic salmon.  



An extraordinary species.

The Baltic salmon (salmo salar) is an exceptional species. From their origin in one of the 16 remaining wild Swedish salmon rivers, Baltic salmon migrate south to the Baltic Sea to grow big and strong, before returning to the same river as they once were born. The challenges they face during their life cycle are many, some natural, – but some are manmade, unnecessary and unnatural. Our goal is to eliminate these obstacles so Baltic salmon can once again thrive.

We have a responsibility to preserve and manage our waters and resources on a sustainable basis. This in turn will create both valuable opportunities for outdoor recreation and employment within Sweden
— Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden and guardian of the Baltic Salmon fund.

We raise funds to support initiatives that empower wild Baltic salmon in their natural habitat.

Our main goal is to co-fund the removal of trap nets in rivers and estuaries along the Baltic Sea. To date we have participated in the removal of traps nets in more than 100 fishing areas along the coast.  But we do much more, such as supporting science, river restoration and the growth of sustaniable tourism within the industry – if it is good for Baltic salmon then we do it.


VIDEO: The Baltic Salmon
- current status of the species


The current status of the Baltic salmon is poor with the extinction of over 52 salmon populations from the original 80 wild river populations. This mass extinction has been caused by hydro-electric dams, overfishing and pollution. The industrialization of Sweden may have created wealth but the cost has been high for both the environment and the citizens of our river valleys. The situation is however improving, many of the remaining wild salmon rivers now have a positive trend with increasing runs, but much remains to be done and that’s where we step up.


Meet the Board of Directors

We are proud to present our board of Directors. Each board member provides unique skills and creates a steady framework for the governance of the Baltic Salmon Fund. As leaders of a nonprofit organization, we deeply value the trust that has been placed in us and therefore are committed to best practices in governance, accountability and transparency.


The Board. 

Thomas Johansson - The Executive Director

Thomas has over twenty five years of experience with issues concerning wild salmon and sea trout. Thomas is chairman of the Baltic Sea Salmon Rivers Association, an ideal network created to further the aims of river management organizations in respect to conservation of biotope and fish stocks.

Through his exceptional experience in co-operating with national authorities and his work with the river association Thomas has an exceptional ability to get things done.


Chairman— Claes Bourghardt

Claes D. Bourghardt is an entrepreneur and financier who was a pioneer in investment in modern day China. He has partnered a large number of multinational companies wishing to develop trade and investment in China in the 1980s and 90s, e.g. ABB, Alfa-Laval, Astra-Zeneca, Braathens, Electrolux, Eriksson, Kimberly -Clarke, Rautarukki, Sandoz and SAS. Claes was one of the architects behind the launch of Tetra Pak and IKEA in China. 

In brief

Claes was born in Gothenburg Sweden and studied economics, political science and law at Uppsala University in the 1970´s, his original employment was with AB Volvo at their Gothenburg headquarters.

The Bourghardt family moved to England in 1982 where Claes established the real estate investment company Harpenden Holdings.

In the 90's, Claes was the principal philanthropist behind the establishment of a primary school for 6-12 year old pupils in Anhui Province, China.

Claes married Anette in 1976 and has two daughters, both of whom are fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Mr Bourghardt is a passionate fly fisherman and his interest was initiated by the legendary Harry Chapman-Pincher (100 years) at the River Kennet, England in the 80'et.


Treasurer— Hans Lundqvist

Professor Emeritus Hans Lundqvist was born in the County of Norrbotten Sweden. Hans academic career started in 1977 with his graduation from the university of Umeå with majors in both mathematics and biology. Hans has been professor of Fish Biology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Aquatic resources since 1999, his main areas of research have been salmon and sea trout biology and life history.

In brief

Natural Science Research Council's (NFR) post-doctorate Nanaimo
Vancouver Island 1984-85.

Lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 1988 and appointed Professor 1990.

Chairman of the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning 1993-1999.

Invited expert with the Swedish Land and Environmental Court since 2013.

Hans has been Professor Emeritus since 2015.      


Secretary — Glenn Douglas

Glenn is project manager for the Swedish National Anglers Association working specifically with management of Baltic Salmon and Sea trout. Since 2009, Glenn has been Sweden’s representative on the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) and is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Union’s Baltic Sea Advisory Committee (BSAC).

In brief

Gained a B.Sc. with focus on fisheries management from the University of Gothenberg Sweden 1999.

Glenn is originally from New Zealand but is proud to say that for the last 25 years he has lived next to the Råneå River one of the Baltics last wild salmon rivers.


Ordinary member— Carina Wallin

Carina Wallin was born in the city of Stockholm Sweden but grew up in a small community outside of Skellefteå. Carina developed a love for nature and the environment from early childhood and this would be further deepened when she later became a passionate fly fisherman. 

In brief

Commercial photographer and graphic designer

Carina has since the late 1990´s worked with environmental and associated fisheries issues. Since 2012 Carina is on the board of directors of the Swedish National Sportfishing Association

Carina shares her passion for the environment by teaching fly-fishing, fly-tying and working in graphic production for sport fishing media.


Deputies— Johan Östergren

Johan Östergren was born and raised in the Swedish alpine village of Tärnaby and has since childhood been fascinated by nature and especially fish. Johan is a fisheries researcher and deputy head of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, limnological laboratory. 

In brief

1998 M.Sc. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

2007 Ph.D. specializing in fisheries biology.

2008-2010 Postdoc. Evolution and Ecology Program, International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Laxenburg, Austria

2011 Researcher, Sweden’s museum of Natural History

2015 Deputy head of Dept. of Aquatic Resources limnological laboratory Drottningholm Stockholm

Legal counsel — Greta von Rosen Stövind

Greta von Rosen Stövind is the foundations legal counsel occupies a seat on the board of directors for the Baltic Salmon Fund since 2014. Greta trained in classical ballet at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in combination with studies at schools like the Julliard School in New York and the Royal Ballet School in London before joining the Royal Swedish Ballet as a ballet dancer. She is legal counsel at one of Sweden’s leading banks Swedbank.

In brief

Legal counsel, specialized in foundations and nonprofit organizations, for Juristbyrån and one of Sweden’s leading banks Swedbank.

Currently Senior Legal Officer for the Swedish Arts Council.

Her ballet career has included solo parts in performances like Rose by Matilde Monniér and Second Detail by William Forsythe and in 2003 she was presented the prestigious The Friends of Drottningholm Theatre scholarship by The Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.


Ordinary member— Peter Westman

Presentation is coming soon. 

Each board member provides unique skills and creates a steady framework for the governance of the Baltic Salmon Fund
— Thomas Johansson, Executive director.

Want to know more or how to contribute? 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our Executive Director Thomas Johansson is glad to answer all your questions regarding our ongoing projects and how you can contribute in favour of the Baltic salmon.




Thomas Johansson
Executive Director
Ph +46 (0) 70-5817029



c/o Glenn Douglas, Olovsvägen 9
95531 Råneå